Technology Consultants Insurance

If you develop software, design websites or play an advisory role in how others use technology to run their businesses then you have a professional liability or E&O exposure.

Individuals and organizations feel dependent upon their General Liability insurance policy(s) to cover their tech operations. Because you are in the business of providing professional services, you should understand that general liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage. Coverage for claims related to the delivery of professional services is always excluded on the GL form. Furthermore, Whether or not a claim has validity is often irrelevant. You need to be able to defend yourself and in these situations insurmountable legal fees can cause severe problems in keeping your company in full operation. Professional Liability insurance protects your company against this, offers defense and protects your future by responding to claims to help keep your business operating even as potential lawsuits present themselves. Without Professional Liability insurance, your company could be financially overwhelmed.

Because laws and legal precedents governing the relatively new technology industry are still being developed, computer professionals are often in legally uncharted territory. That makes this coverage even more crucial to your company’s long-term survival. Professional Liability insurance protects you against the unknown and the unforeseeable.

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