Architects and Engineers Insurance

Being in a design professional, you must understand the potential risk you incur as soon as you make any recommendation of any kind to another person, corporation etc. Simply put, therein lies the need for professional liability insurance for architects and engineers.

As an agency with years of experience offering professional insurance for design professionals, we are prepared to inform you of the risks you must protect yourself against while receiving the appropriate level of coverage.

Here is the good news – We have been assisting people like you protect their (or their client’s) livelihoods for nearly 30 years. Errors and omissions coverage for Architects and Engineers has been one of the coverage forms that we have developed and will continue to update as the world evolves. This focus of commitment means we will make sure you are fully informed and receive the correct coverage no matter what your project or discipline requires.  Furthermore because of the relationships that we have developed with our partners nationwide, we will most likely be able to do this in a financially appetizing way.

In order for our team to begin working on your account, please download the form(s) below and forward a completed copy via email or fax.  All submissions are reviewed within 24 hours, however if you need immediate assistance please contact us by phone or send an email to