Bridge Insurance Associates aka Massinsurers has been providing Business, Auto and Home Insurance for over 40 years.

Bridge Insurance was founded by Gerald Baratz in the mid 1960′s after his many years of business underwriting at two of the largest Insurance Brokerage Houses in Boston; A. Yarchin & company and Obrien Russel founded in 1876 which remains one of Boston’s best known Insurance Hub. Over the last 40+ years, our agency has grown to become one of the most personal oriented independent insurance agencies in New England. Our team of highly skilled Agents and Customer Service Representatives are always ready to serve your personal and commercial insurance needs.

Here at Bridge Insurance AKA Massinsurers on the web, we afford top-quality products, extraordinary customer service, and exceptional pricing to all of our clients. We have developed different Specialty Markets nationwide to provide clients with the insurance portfolios that are required to protect and grow their businesses. As a leader in the Business Insurance world we work with more than 100 regional and national insurance markets to provide products and services tailor made to your needs regardless of size or complexity of your project(s).

Please take a moment to review a few customer comments so that you will know what to expect when working with our company

Areas of expertise include but not limited to:

  1. Biotechnology Industry
  2. Software Development and Consultation
  3. Small and Large Contracting Companies
  4. Condominium Complexes, Apartment Buildings and Malls
  5. Directors & Officers Insurance
  6. Professional Liability
  7. Pedicab Insurance
  8. Corporate Risk Management
  9. Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs
  10. Film Production and Entertainment
  11. Special Events
  12. Natural Gas & Oil
  13. Product Liability
  14. Main Street Business
  15. Bed & Breakfast / Hotel Industry
  16. Warehouse Liability
  17. Real Estate Development
  18. Manufacturers
  19. Social Services
  20. Trucking / Cargo Insurance
  21. All Types of Bonds
  22. Dry Cleaners
  23. Garage / Auto Body Liability
  24. Auto & Home

Mailing address:

80 Langley road, 2nd Floor
Newton Centre, MA 02459