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  • Company Name: Nerdeky
  • Used Technology: Drupal, Core PHP & MySQL, HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery & Ajax


Our CLIENT – A trend setter with the REQUIREMENTS

Our client with wants to bring a revolution in the gizmos and gadgets industry. The website is developed to provide latest news, trends and reviews of newly launched and future technologies related to gadgets & gizmos plus with an upcoming ecommerce web portal.  It is a fully functional website with a sophisticated but refreshing look providing you the most updated information about technology which always keeps you ahead in your social circle.

Our client wanted a hybrid platform of news site and ecommerce site with an appealing look which has the essence and sophistication of a news site but it should also retains the interest of the user with its fresh and attractive appearance. Following were the requirements for this pioneer site:

  • Interesting and informative user interface.
  • Addition of other platforms e.g. ecommerce, social networking site (Facebook, twitter).
  • Updated database of technology and gadgets.
  • Efficient writing and editing team for web content.

Challenges – Conquered with confidence

And like other projects, while accomplishing the above requirements and make this website a reality we came across many challenges. Few of them were:

  1. To come up with a sleek design that inherit the news site look with a flexibility to add many different  platforms such as ecommerce sites, social networking sites etc. in long term.
  2. Content management and optimization of website was difficult due to enormous articles and images.
  3. Handling ever increasing data and its maintenance in the database and ensuring unhindered flow of information from website to backend and vice-versa.
  4. Automatic resizing of images so that they can fit in galleries and slide shows.
  5. Development of anefficient backend for authors and editors without compromising on authenticity of news and articles.

Complexities and solutions – no fun in doing simple things

All the challenges were tackled by appropriate solutions but there were technical complexities like responsive design, reducing the site loading time and handling the duplicity of the news etc. These complexities were efficiently handled with the following solutions:

  1. Responsive design: We choose a pre-defined design for this and customized it according to the requirements.
  2. Site load time : Due to lots of images, sliders and galleries, site load time was unexceptionally high, Drupal Memcache and Drupal standard coding were applied in order to keep load time under 6 sec.
  3. Removing Duplicity of news: As many different authors are adding news into the site we need to keep checking the duplicity issues. Hence we made an application which removes all those duplicate newsand give the website users only genuine news.

The new trend –

The final outcome is an attractive website providing latest, hot and popular news of newly launched technology and future technology by popular gadgets brands. This information can be shared by the user by using the social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter etc. Besides, user can get all news and information related to their brand of his choice with a simple click from the home page only.It’s a complete package for the sophisticated and experienced user as well as for the novice and fun loving younger generation. The most attractive, unique and interesting part of this website is its innovative name Nerdeky which is derived by bumping ‘Nerd’ and ‘Geeky’ with each other. The client accepted this web portal with great applauds.