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  • Used Technology: Drupal, PHP & MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Ajax & API


Our client – Charmers with glitters

Diamonds are girl’s best friend, so does gold, rubies, sapphire, topaz, crystals Wink!! A girl’s beauty can convert the simplest thing in the world which glitter or sparkle, a precious piece. The fondness for these stones can never die down in any genera but today’s fast paced life has suppressed this emotion a little bit. But our clients David Judge and Michael are determined to awaken and heightened this feeling of womankind for jewels with their wide range of jewelry collection whether you have set your heart on a diamond ring or looking for a nice cuff links for the beau. You will get anything or everything on just a click.

Requirements for a virtual tour

To give their determination a shape, our clients required an easy to use, neat and clean e-commerce platform. They wanted a web portal which will offer a virtual tour of the online showroom to the user. When the user visits the site, it should be so close to reality that it gives a sensation of window shopping experience to the user. There should be a quick view function on every item on display in the gallery, which will show the relevant details of the item. Since, it is a web based shop, the gallery, background, text, images etc. should be easy to edit from the backend section.

Challenges have their own shine

Since, it’s a web platform dedicated to precious stones, sparkles and glitters, even tiniest thing on the site need to be very tidy and as sparkling as the stones. While coping up with the same, there were many challenges blocking our ways. Some of them were: 

  1. To provide different time interval for each slide on the home page. 
  2. To manage product gallery with some great effects. According to the requirements of client, the gallery items need to be highlighted accordingly. There are many items in the gallery but only front items will get the limelight. Also while hovering cursor on particular item, its detail window also need to be popped-out. 
  3. To correct threshold count & its e-mail fire problem in Ubercart contributed module.
  4. To make the product gallery browser compatible.

Complexities and solution are like beads in a string 

The solution of challenges comes with their own set of complexities. Some of them were like:

  1. One of the major complexities was faced while highlighting special products using jQuery plugin. Different time interval for every slide was required to change dynamically from back-end but it was creating issues. However, with the usage of Drupal core function & PHP & jQuery scripts, this hurdle was conquered. 
  2. Another complexity came up when jQuery plugin was implemented for the product page gallery. It actually created some glitches thus a custom module was developed for the exact look to the page required by the client. 
  3. Making the product gallery all major browsers friendly was another big task. To fix this issue, latest version of HTML and CSS were used. 
  4. Besides all the above, e-commerce part also created fuss. Problem was occurring when some product was being purchased; the threshold quantity was not altering properly with every purchase. Also, no e-mail notification was shooting to the buyer after he/she makes any purchase. The problem was finally fixed after checking and debugging the back-end configurations and by applying Drupal Ubercart module plus its sub modules & PHP. 

The outcome - Envyandgreen

Our clients have accepted the website with great applauds. With their amazing product collection and our great efforts of its online showcasing, we were able to present a sparkling virtual showroom where you can move around with just the scroll of your mouse and some clicks. The products will win your heart with their soft features and its reasonable prices wouldn’t let you resist yourself from buying it. Your friends will envy your new jewel collection and go green with desire for them. Have a nice and refreshing experience with www.envyandgreen.com !!!